West Alabama 2020 Nonprofit Leadership Conference - September 10, 2020 from 8-12:30

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List of Services

Board Training Topics (provided to individual agencies) include:

  1. Board Governance - handouts include:    *The ABC’s of a Great Board *Responsibilities of the Board, Individual Members & Officers  *Role of Executive Director  *Ethical Conduct & Confidentiality Samples  *Board of Directors & CEO Evaluation & Self-Assessment 
  2. Board Development - Handouts include: *Guidelines for Selecting Board Members *Identifying Criteria Worksheet (Sample)  *Recruitment Checklist  *Board Prospect Information Sheet (Sample)
  3. Effective Meetings - Handouts Include: *Board Meeting Template *Meeting Minutes Checklist
  4. Strategic Planning - These sessions are to help boards develop a strategic plan that can be used to move the work of the agency forward. If your agency does not have a Strategic Plan, a critical element for success is missing. These sessions are designed to meet the agency’s specific needs. A minimum  4-hour session gives an overview of strategic process and provides technical assistance. Prices vary depending on the needs of the agency and depth of assistance provided.
  5. Embracing Diversity - Handouts include:  *Relevant Concepts of Diversity
  6. Fundraising/Special Events - Choose from these topics: *How to Develop a Fundraising Plan  *How to Start a Sponsorship Program  *Fundraising During Tough Times  *Basic Grant Writing   *Branding-Your Cultural Accessory *Volunteer Management

Freelance Grant Writing Opportunities Include:

  1. Letter of Request - one page request to local civic/church groups
  2. Statement of Needs Grants 
  3. United Way Allocation Grants
  4. Technical Grants (local/state/federal) 

There is pre-requisite documentation required for each type of grant. 

Pre-requisites include:  

   IRS Tax Determination Letter

   Board Roster

   Organizational Chart/Management Roster

   Current Annual Report

   Board Approved Budget/Audited Financial Statement

   List/Description of Funding Sources

   History of Agency

   Current Strategic Plan with program specific goals/objectives and measurable outcomes

  *Other documents may be required depending on Request for Proposal (RFP)   

Coffee & Conversation/Lunch Special

These events provide development opportunities to nonprofit agencies. Resources and tools are provided on a variety of topics, ranging from leadership to specific tools.  The purpose of these sessions is to bring leaders together to disseminate educational information in a casual, open forum setting. 

Upcoming events

Coffee & Conversation or Lunch Specials focusing on topics such as Introduction to Leadership, Basic Grant Writing, ABC's of Board Governance, Fundraising 101, Best Practice Standards,  etc. will be planned throughout the year. 


"The (Grant Writing Basics) seminar was very informative and gave me the information that I need to start the grant process." - Grant Writing Basics, Session 1 Participant

"Effectively used interpersonal interaction skills." - Participant, Board training session

"Provided creative activity to support thinking beyond where agency already sits." - Participant, Strategic Planning Session

"'Overall, it (Grant Writing Workshop) was a great session with great info I had never thought about." - Grant Writing Basics Participant


Pricing based on type of service provided. 

Coffee & Conversations/Lunch Specials are $25 for first person from agency and $15 for additional attendees. 

Don't forget to ask for package deals or special discounts.


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